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Tool Kits for making the projects.
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25W Soldering Iron
Desoldering Pump
Learn to use soldering Kit 
(Soldering tool kit with a Project Kit of flashing lights to experiment): The kit contains all the items of soldering kit along with a simple circuit of Flashing lights display to have hands-on experience on PCB. Description of correct soldering procedure and circuit’s working are also included. In this flashing light circuit, red and green LEDs flash alternately. This eye-catching display can be used for fake car alarms, safety blinkers for bicycles, or decorative purposes.
Soldering Kit
Soldering tool kit:- The kit includesfoldable soldering iron, soldering wire,stripper-cum-cutter, de-soldering wick,6 core wire, and flux. This kit is an excellent aid for hobbyists, students and educational institutes for electronics projects.


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