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 PIC Micro Controller Projects (PIC 16F84,16F628,16F873,16F876,16F877)

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40 MHZ Frequency Counter using PIC Micro Controller
This project proposes s simple frequency reader, which can be used as a workbench instrument. In face it exhibits several very interesting features, like a maximum working frequency above 40 MHz, a 10 Hz resolution, a low consumption (50 ma) and a very simple assembly. Moreover it is possible to program an IF shift simply be means of two push buttons. Frequency Counter is that which reads frequency, and displays it on a 16x1 character LCD display.
2 Digital Remote Control Audio Processor
This project presents an infrared remote control digital four channel audio processor. It is based on micro controller and audio processor chip. Its main features are 1) infrared remote control. 2) Full function keys on for audio processor controlling 3) four channel stereo input 4) volume, baas, treble, mute, surround (midrange) and balance control 5) setting display on ten individual LEDs (kit with Remote hand set)


DTMF Telephone Remote Control
This device connects to the telephone lone and can be used to remotely control up to 3 relay outputs using a DTMF (tone dialing) telephone. A PIC micro controller controls the switcher.
4 Micro Controller Based Dual Temperature Meter with RS232 Interface
The Micro controller is used to read and display two LM35 based Temperature Sensor Connected to it on a 16x2 Line LCD module. This information is also sent to the PC via RS232 for Data logging or display.


Micro Controller Based Programmable Security Door Lock
This Project is a very useful door security application. It operates a relay (for example to open a door) for a few seconds when a valid code is entered. The secret code can be changed any time after entering the current code. Kit includes the relay for Door Lock control.


Micro Controller Based wind Speed Meter with 16x2 LCD Display
A completely solid-state anemometer using ultrasonic Techniques to measure wind speed. Highly accurate. LCD readout in metric or imperial Displays up to 50 mph. Kit Comes Along with Circuit Diagram, Working Explanation, Part Explanation, Assembling Instruction, Application Notes of PIC16Fxx Micro controller, & ULTRASONIC SENSOR, & Component Data Sheets. (with Power supply)


Micro Controller Heart Beat Monitor
The Heartbeat monitor design presented here takes advantage of a OUC16F87X micro controller's capabilities and uses an alphanumeric LCD. Screen, Plus serial data link to a PC-compatible computer. The design can be used as a handheld unit without using a PC. In this role it outputs heartbeat waveforms to the LCD


Programmable Count Down Timer Using PIC Micro
This count down timer is very useful for industrial application. It's time delay is programmable, from 1 minutes to 99 minutes with 4 digit 7 segment led display. Kit includes circuit diagram, working explanation, part explanation, assembling instruction & component data sheets. Excellent for engineering student to learn how a PIC micro controller works. (with Power supply)


Programmable Scrolling message Sign Board [12V DC]
This is a great kit to help you build your electronics knowledge plus when you are done building it you will have a product that you will actually use. This scrolling sign has different characters and can store messages up to 4000 characters long, The messages are stored in memory even after power-down, so it will be there when you turn it back on. The scroll rate is adjustable to 10 different speeds. You can connect it directly to your computer and type in


Programmable Temperature Controller [12V DC]
It's based on a PIC MCU and National Temperature Sensor. The Temperature is displayed on a 16 x 2 LCD display, and two buttons are used for setting parameters. On Board flash EPROM that stores Parameters and needs no battery backup. A high current relay switches the Load, which can be a heating element.


RF ID Door Access Systems
RF ID is a wireless solution for the security application. This is the wire less door access system using micro controller and RF module. In this system one receiver connected with the door and user have on RF ID tag (Tx), its read the Id of valid user. If any valid user comes near the door with RF ID tag, door will be open automatically for few seconds and display the user ID on LCD Display. (kit with two tags (Transmitter)


Security Access Control System (230V)
The micro controller based digital lock presented here is an access control system that allows only authorized persons to access a restricted area. When an authorized person enters predetermined number (password) via the keypad, the relay operated for a limited time to unlatched the solenoid - operated lock so the door can be pushed/pulled open. When the code has been incorrectly entered four times in a row. it will be switch to alarm mode...


SERVO motor Controller Board (Preset)
Our 5 channel Servo Controller Board is a solution for controlling up to 5 servo via onboard preset or potentiometer. [12V DC]


SERVO motor Controller Board (Switch)
Our 5 channel Servo Controller Board is a solution for controlling up to 5 servo via onboard or external switches. [12V DC]


Smart Card Based Door Access System with LCD [12V DC]
This is smart card based Access system for Bank ATM, Bank Lockers, Schools, Collage and home security application. Its using micro controller and smart card (memory card). (kit with four card)


SMS Based Device Control using GSM Modem
A GSM based SMS Control System; u can just send SMS by cell phone and control eight Devices. Displays information on 16x2 LCD module and controls the relay switching. This interface uses the Micro controller and GSM Modem. Complete solution to your Home Automation by SMS (Kit with GSM Modem)


Stepper Motor Controller using Micro Controller (kit with 8.2v 2 phase unipolar stepper motor)
The kit is very useful to control a 2-phase unipolar pm type DC stepper motor. Kit includes circuit diagram, working explanation, parts explanation, assembling instruction, a Basic description of Stepper Motor, & component data sheets. Excellent for engineering student to learn how a Stepper Motor works (with power supply)


Ultrasonic Range Finder Using PIC Micro Controller
This project is a handheld range finding device, using ultrasound and a PIC 16F84 micro controller. A 16x2 LCD displays the measurement in meters, feet & inches. Kit includes circuit diagram, working explanation, part explanation, assembling instruction & component data sheets.

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