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8051 Micro Controller Projects(89c2051,89c4051,89c51,52,55)

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1 24-Hour ON/OFF Clock Timer using Micro Controller
It's a 4 digit,7 segments,24-hour clock timer that can be used to control any application. You can program both ON time & OFF time with this project. It requires a 3V battery back up. Useful for switching loads up to 500W
2 8 Channel Analog Digital Converter (A to D)
This analog to digital converter read up to 8 different Analog signal (e.g temperature) and static and display on 16x2 line LCD
3 8 Zone Intruder Alarm System (230V Ac)
A Micro controller based intruder alarm can offer the following features.(1) Monitoring and signaling of each sensor for activation and cable continuity.(2) Temper input panic push button.(4) LED's indicate
4 Microcontroller- Based Code Lock (Using IC AT89C2051) 1000
5 Home Automation Control System using DTMF Telephone Line (12V DC)
Dial your number using DTMF phone or cell phone from anywhere in world and remotely turn On/Off any of 8 relays. The MCU on there interface senses Telephone ring, Automatic telephone pick up, and line hang up, displays information on a 16x2 LCD module and controllers the relay switching. This interface uses the popular MT8870 DTMF decoder IC along with 89S52 micro controller from Atmel.
6 Micro Controller Based Security Access System using 89c51
This project uses Micro controller to offer Door Access with the following feature(1) - 4x4 matrix keypad for entering Access Code.(2) - 16x2 Line LCD module to display status and Error Message (3) - 3A Relay to control / Operate electronic lock or devices connected to the Interface.(4)-On Board flash EPROM that stores system Parameters and Access Code and needs no battery backup.(5) Buzzer to annunciate a key press and error situation.
7 Micro Controller Annunciation System (12V DC)
This Annunciation system detects up to 8 different faulty conditions and informs the operator about them by means of LEDs and playing Voice messages stored in a No Volatile Memory. It simultaneously sounds a Buzzer alarm and Lights a Fault indication Signal connected to it.
9 Water Level Controller with LCD Display
Here is a micro controller based, versatile circuit with indicates the level of water in a tank. This circuit produces alarm when water level is below the lowest level L1 and also control the pump (on and off) when water just touches the highest-level L8. The circuit is designed to display 8 different levels on LCD display. However, these display level can be increased or decreased depending upon the level resolution required. This can be done by increasing or decreasing the number of level detector metal strips (L1 to L8) and their associated components.
10 Real Time Clock Using (ATMEL AT89S8252) 950
11 Electronic Voting Machine Using IC (89C51) 2200
12 Stop Watch Using (ATMELAT89C51) 900
13 Count Down Counter Using (ATMEL AT 89C51) 900
14 Fastest Finger First Using Micro (89C51) 900
15 DC Motor Controller Using (AT 89C51) 900
16 Programmable School bell Timer [12V DC] 8051
This versatile programmable school timer can be used to display real time clock as well as school bell timings on LED/LCD displays. It can store about 8 bell timings and activates the bell through a relay at every predetermined period. The main components of this circuit include PIC16Fxx micro controller. The circuit is useful for the Educational Institutes etc.
17 Microcontroller based telephone Intercom system [230 AC]
This is simple but effective solution for internal intercom system for home, office, school, collage or banks. The system is intended for up to seven sets each of which generates a pulse code when a number is dialed or keyed in. This projects uses microcontroller to offer the following feature,[1] to decode and process the pulses generated by the telephone set [2] to generate a dialing tone [3] to generate and pass on ringing tone [4] to interconnected sets as soon as the receiver is lifted [5] to prevent the third set listening in [6] to generate and pass on to a third set an engaged tone.
18 Security Auto Dialing System [12V DC]
The Projects consists of two sensor (door sensor and fire sensor) whenever it is detected by the any one of the sensor it sends a signal to the Auto dialer. The Auto dialer will then automatically dials up to four preset telephone phone numbers and plays your prerecorded message. You could record a message like, "This is Mitesh, an intruder has been detected in my home located at 103 xyz st. Please send the police right away." Kit with magnetic door sensor and Fire (temperature alarm) sensor.

Please add :

1.Rs 100/- for packaging and forwarding charges. The item's will be dispatched by courier anywhere in India.
2. 15% tax for the kit project for all others.

Kindly note:

1. These prices are effective from 1st October, 2007 but can be changed without any notice.
2. Goods once sold will not be taken back. Dispute, if any, will be settled in a Ahmedabad court only.


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