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1 Bird bell (mains) (230VAC) (with cabinet )
This circuit produce the bird chirping sound on mains trigger.(230AC)
2 Bird bell ( 9v ..12 V )
This is a simple oscillator circuit producing chirping sound with single NPN transistor
3 12 / 16 Tune musical bell (CIC 4822 ) (3V)( with cabinet)
This is very compact 12/16 different tune doorbells
4 Touch control musical bell (3V) (with cabinet )
This circuit is popular musical bell, which gives different tunes of feather touch.
5 16 Tune old Hindi song bell (3V)(with Cabinet)
A 16 Old Hindi Song tunes in rapid choice.
6 25 Tune musical bell (RTS 993 ) (3 V ) (with cabinet )
This 25 tune English song with choice of latest doorbell technology will never ignore by anybody.
7 K.D.K / please open the door (OD - 02 ) Bell (3V) (W/C)
This circuit is very simple & at low cost voice doorbell.


8 4 spund Car Reverse Horn (UM 3561) 3V  
9 Mosquito repellent ( Domestic ) ( 1.5 V )
This is the A stable Multi Vibrator which generate the desired frequencies for ran away mosquito.
10 Electronic harmonium ( 9V )
This is simple Harmonium using 555 IC, which gives 15 different music.
11 8 Multi sound generator ( 3 V )
This circuit uses 18 pin DIL Monolithic sound generator chip. It produces 8 various sound.
12 3 Gun sound generator (UM 3562) (3V)
This circuit uses 8 pin CMOS IC. It produces 3 different Gun sound.


13 Electronics car horn ( 810 + 555 ) ( 6 - 18 V )
This is a simple & at low cost project designed for car using TBA 810+555 chip.
14 Car reverse horn (UM 66T / L) (12V )
This is a easy project designed for Car Reverse Horn.
15 Multi tune car reverse horn (12 v )
Produce 12 different tunes for Reverse Horn
16 Scooter brake horn ( UM 66T/L )
This circuit using UM66 melodious warning Brake Horn.


17 Digital Alarm Clock ( 0.5" Duplex Dis.) Red And Green  
18 Digital wall Clock (3 1/2 " Dis. ) (5 mm LED)
This is a simple alarm clock with using Chip 8560 TMS 3450 with Battery backup facility.


19 1 to 5 mins 200/240V Timer (new)  
20 555 Timer (9V-12V)
This is capable of Drive Relay with time delays From 1 sec. To 100sec.
21 555 Timer with On/Off Indicator (12V)(new)  
22 Knotted Handkerchief (timer up to 120 minutes ) (9v)
This reminds one to do something in fact it is extremely compact timer.
23 Kitchen timer (up to 17 minutes ) ( 9 V )
This circuit adjustable between 1 to 17 Minutes provides Audible time alarm
24 Telephone Cut off Timer 1-20 Minute (new)  
25 Timer with Audio Alarm (9V) (CD 4060)  
26 Time Switch (6V )
This timer is very useful for NICD chargers.


27 Dancing Light / Sound Level Indicator (5-12 V )
This simple circuit appeal for stereo system or Cassette Player on Sound level indicator.


28 4 channel Sequential light (6V)
This project can be used to switch decorative lighting or in the modern home & many uses among day's of festival. Each series carry a load of 1000watt.
29 6 Channel Sequential Light / Disco Light (6V )
It's total load 1000 Watt per channel using triac.
30 Light Dimmer (230 V AC )
This project using a simple triac to control in candescent filament lamp. (max : 1500W)
31 Automatic Cloak Room Light (12V )
This circuit puts an end to your guest fumbling for light switch in the clock room.
32 Light Sensitive Trigger (12 V- 16 V)
This simple light operated switch can have variety app.
33 3 Channel Seq. Light (6V)
This is low cost simple 3ch sequential light used in many decorative light. Each series carry 1000watt
34 LED Ornaments (cross) (9V )  
35 LED Ornaments (Square) (9V)  
36 LED Ornaments (circle) (9V)  
37 LED Ornaments (Spiral) (9V)  
 38 LED Ornaments (Star) (9V)
The purpose of this circuit gives you an exact idea how you can imagine the multi sign by LED's.
39 Light Sensitive Switch (230V)
A versatile light operated switch Max.220V
40 Twilight Switch (12 V )
This switches the light on dusk & off at down.
41 6 LED Dancing Light (3V)  
42 6 LED Dancing Light (9V )  
43 24 LED Dancing Light (12 V)
This is a simple multi vibrator circuit-using transistor.
44 Swastik (12V)  
 45 OM (12V)
This circuit is arrange by LED's which indicate sign
46 6 Channel Auto Reverse Sequential
The Circuit drives 6 triac in forward & reverse direction It takes bulb load up to 1000w per channel. You can also drive in audio input by external source.
47 Welcome LED Dis. Board With 8 Alphabet Ckt . Board
This is simple LED Board in sign of WELCOME.
48 8 Alphabet sine Display Board
This simple circuit of 8 Alphabets, which goes bit by bit & then puts all outputs off. You can use it for your shop/Office advertisement.
49 4Aphabet Sine Display Board (EX Board 8 Alphabet)
This is extension Board for your above 8 Alphabet Board. If your letter are more than 8 Alphabet then you can use this for the next alphabets in series of 4 alphabet.
50 Flashing Running Light
This simple LED flashing light by using four groups of four LED's in each group will light simultaneously.
51 60 Led Chaser (4 Ch)  
52 150 Led Chaser (6 Ch.)  
53 300 Led Chaser (6 Ch)
The circuit described here generates a unique running light effect each column in a row of 4 or 6 glow sequentially.
54 Light /coin Operated Delay (12V Center Tape)
This circuit is designed for when a ray of light is interrupted the power output is switched "ON" for a variable duration of 5 to 55 sec. To operate the relay.
55 Bi-Color Led Array Blinker
This circuit are most flasher circuits flashes the same LED array as green and then as red for a preset time.
56 Tarana (AC 230 V)
This circuit is nothing but simple multi viabrator using two transistors operation on 230V AC supply.
57 Low Power LED Flasher (9V) (New) (NE 555)  
58 White LED Torch (9V) (New) (NE 555)  
59 Blue LED Torch (9V) (New) (NE 555)  
60 Green LED Torch (9V) (New) (NE 555)  
61 16 Channel Auto LED Running Light with Flashing LED  
62 (12V)(New)(74LS04)  
63 Moving Light (New)(NE 555 + CD 4017)  
64 Light Switch (New) Transistor  
65 Running Led (New) (NE 555)  
66 SMD Flashing Heart(New)  
67 Photo Sensor with control Relay (New)  
68 Traffic Light Control
This project teaches the traffic rules using 3 relays for each light

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