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Kits in ready stock (without cabinet), which contains circuit idea, PCB and all the components required for making the project.

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2-Channel PC Based Oscilloscope (Dec 2006)
Presented here is an oscilloscope using USB port of the PC that operates at up to 10 kHz with 16V10khz with input voltage. The oscilloscope uses IC PIC18F2550 microcontroller chip from Microchip as the main controller, which makes the oscilloscope compact as there is no need of additional power supply for the entire circuit board. This controller chip along with MCP6S91, LF353 and L7660 ICs are used in the project. The project can be run in a PC with Windows 98SE operating system.

3D Surround Sound System (May 2006) 550
6-in-1 Gift Box 
A complete Solution Gift :- It contains 5 electronic Project Kits and a soldering Kit to make them. Gift Box have one each of the following kits (A) Fire Alarm, (B) Water Level Indicator (C) Burglar Alarm (D) Match Box Size Radio (with cabinet) (E) Musical Door Bell (with memory) (F) Soldering Kit.
8 – bit Code Lock for Appliances (July 2004) 235
Anti- Bag Snatching Alarm (Feb''04) 220
Antitheft Alarm for vehicles (April 2003) 280
AT89C2051 Based Count Down Timer (March 06)
Here is a microcontroller based timer that performs countdown operation for up to 99 minutes with two 7-segment displays showing the actual time left.AT89C2051 ic used in this circuit can be easily modified according to users requirement.CD4511 and LTS543 are some of the their main components used in this project.
Automated School Bell (Oct 04)
The Circuit is useful for the Educational Institutes etc. This circuit provides an automatic alarm 8 times after an interval of 45 minutes each. and after 4 intervals provides lunch breaks for 30 minutes. Total No. of IC used :- 4.
Automatic Low-Power Emergency Light(Jan-2008)
Here is a white-LED based emergency light that turns on automatically when main supply fails and turns off when mains power resumes.It has its own battery charger and stops when fully charged.The main components used are LM317 adjustable regulator,BD140 AND BC548 transistors, trimmers and inductor coils.
Automatic Night Lamp Dimmer with morning alarm (Jan 2004)  150
Automatic Porch Light with Memory (Dec. 2002) 170
Bi-color LED Disco Running Light (Dec. 88) 105
Blown Fuse Indicator (Sept. 2000) 75
Burglar Alarm (E.P. Vol 3)
This circuit sounds a loud alarm in the case of an unauthorized entry. Wire loop gets broken whenever such an attempt is made. Number of ICs used: None


Cellphone Operated Land Rover (July-2008)
In this project,the robot is controlled by a mobile phone that makes a call to the mobile phone attached to the robot.In the course of a call,a tone corresponding to the button pressed is heard at the other end of the call.The robot percieves this tone with the help of the phone stacked in the robot.The recieved tone is processed by the microcontroller with the help of MT8870 decoder.The microcontroller is preprogrammed to take a decision for any given input and outputs its decision to motor drivers in order to drive the motors for forward or backward motion or a turn.Some of the main components used are:MT8870 DTMF decoder,ATMEGA 16 AVR microcontroller,L293D motor driver and 74LS04 NOT gate.


CHIP-TALK Hobby Projects
CHIP-TALK Hobby Projects package include components and PCBs of 40 fully tested projects and a book. The book contains the fundamentals of electronics and 40 tested circuits and their descriptions.
Clap Based Switch for Devices 250
Condenser MIC Amplifier (E.P. Vol 7) 80
Cordless FM MIC (May 96) with cabinet 130
Design your own infra red remote (March-2007)
Most home electronic gadgets like TV sets, stereo systems, CD/DVD players/recorders, air conditioners, microwave ovens, multimedia computers, set-top boxes etc come with a remote control. Presented here is an infrared remote control based on RC5 format. It employs an SC30310 encoder. The remote is a line-of-sight system with a range of about 5 meters. This circuit can be used in Remotely Programmable RTC-Interfaced Microcontroller for Multiple Device Control and Remote Controlled Real Time Clock with Device Controller projects published in EFY Sept06 and April07, respectively
Digi Teacher (EP Vol 9) 150


Digital Dice (Oct 05)
The digital electronic dice circuit acts like a normal dice and uses four different logic gate combination to bring out the six faces of the dice. Seven LEDs are suitably positioned on the board. When you place your finger on the touch plate, The LEDs will glow. The number of glowing LEDs corresponds to the number of the number of spots on the dice.
Digital Security System (March 2005)
This circuit can help you from the intruders and strangers. Very thin copper wire loops has to be wired around your house and if any of the copper wire loops is broken, the display displays the particular number of the loop with buzzer sound. if more than one loops are broken it will display the sum of their loops. Number of IC used :- 2
Digital Voltmeter(July-07)
Digital Voltmeter is designed as a panel meter and can be used in DC power supplies panels or where it is necessary to have an accurate indication of the voltage.
Electronic Auto Dipper 150
 26 Electronic Guard For Blind (July 2002) 275
Electronic Watch Dog 200


Emergency Light Using CFL (Except Cabinet, Connector & Tube Light) (Nov. 97) 250


Fastest Finger First Indicator (Dec. 2001) 300


Fire Alarm (Jan. 93) 70
FM Booster (Sep-2002)
Here is a low-cost circuit of an FM booster that can be fed between your FM receiver and the antenna to listen to distant commercial FM stations clearly. The main components of the circuit comprises of CS2570 transistor, trimmers and inductor coils.
Hearing Aid (August 2006)
This low-cost, electronic hearing aid employs a TDA 2822M(8 PIN-DIP package) audio amplifier IC. Transistor BC547 and associated components form the condenser microphone signal preamplifier. The audio power output of this unit is 10 to 15 MW.
Heart Beat Monitor (Oct 2001) 190
Heat Sensitive Switch (Nov''05)
This circuit can be used to switch on or off the load at a predetermined temperature. The temperature is set through the output of a temperature sensor IC or heat sensor and a voltage divider network. When the temperature reaches the preset value, the circuit energizes the relay and automatically turns on the load such as fan through the contacts of the relay.
Hit Switch 75
Inexpensive Car Protection unit 200
Infrared Object Counter 250
Intruder Alarm (Jan 2004)  140
Inverter Overload Protector with delayed Auto Reset (July 2000) 220


IR Remote Control Timer (EFY May 2003) 260
IR Remote Switch(March2002)  220


IR Toy Car Motor Controller 250
  43 Knock Alarm 100
Lead Acid Battery Charger cum Voltage Analyzer (March''03)
Continuous monitoring of battery conditions even for maintenance free lead acid batteries is necessary, because poor state of battery reduces its life, capacity and recharging ability. This circuit indicates the overcharge, low charge, normal and no charge battery conditions using LEDs and buzzer. Circuit is also capable of fully charging a 12V battery within 6-8 hours. Number of ICs used: 1
Long Range Burglar Alarm using laser torch 280


Long-Range FM Transmitter (Dec. 99) 200
Low Cost Energy Meter 1000


Low-cost Transistorized Intercom (Oct. 99) 150
  49 Luggage Security Systems (May 2000) 175
Magic Eye (Jan. 96) 85
Manual EPROM Programmer (March 2005) 550


Microcontroller - Based Automatic Flush System (Dec 2006)
Here is an automatic flush system (toilet and urinal) that automatically flushes the fixture when the user departs. It employs an AT89C2051 microcontroller and an infrared sensor to detect a user approaching the fixture, then waits until the user departs. It also flushes before the person departs if the person is present for more than the preset time (5 minutes). CD4050 is used as a buffer for the output ports of the microcontroller, TSOP1738 is used as an IR sensor and a solenoid is used to actuate the flush from a 6V power supply with a battery backup inside the unit.


Microcontroller-Based Bidirectional Visitor Counter (Jan-2007)
Here is a low-cost AT89C52 microcontroller-based visitor counter that can be used to count the number of persons at a place. It consists of three 7-segment displays (LTS543 ) to display the number of visitors upto 999. The circuit works off a 5V DC supply. Some of the main components include IR LEDs, L14F1 photo transistors, LM324 quad op-amp and 7805 regulator.


Microcontroller-Based Code Lock(Aug-2006)
This simple code lock project is based on a 20-pin ATMEL microcontroller AT89C2051.It employs a 4-dihit sequential code with time-out security feature. Apart from the microcontroller, the main components include CD4050 non-inverting buffer, LCD display and 7805 regulator.


Microcontroller Based School Timer(July2001)
This versatile programmable school timer can be used to display real time clock as well as school bell timings on four 7-segment LED displays. It can store about 20 bell timings and activates the bell through a relay at every predetermined period. The main components of this circuit include MC68HC705J1A microcontroller, CD 4532 priority encoder,74LS138 decoder and 74LS47 display driver.


Microcontroller Based Techometer(Jan-2008)
This is an easy-to-make photoelectric based tachometer project for measuring the RPM(revolution per minute) of rotating shaft, shop-floor tools and many household machines without any mechanical or electrical interface. The circuit employs AT89C2051 microcontroller as the main controller. Some of the major components used in the circuit are CA3140 operational amplifier,ULN2003 current buffer and KLQ564 4-digit,7-segment display.
Microcontroller-Based Industrial Timer (June 2007)
Here is a simple industrial timer based on 40-pin Atmel AT89S52 microcontroller that performs count-down operation up to 9999 minutes/second with four 7-segment displays showing the actual time left. The relay energies as you press the start switch and remains on till the countdown reaches0000.Four push-to-on switches are used to start/stop, select either minutes or seconds, and set the initial value for countdown operation using up and down keys


Please add :

1.Rs 100/- for packaging and forwarding charges. The item's will be dispatched by courier anywhere in India.
2. 15% tax for the kit project for all others.

Kindly note:

1. These prices are effective from 1st October, 2007 but can be changed without any notice.
2. Goods once sold will not be taken back. Dispute, if any, will be settled in a Ahmedabad court only.



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